Kobe Suspension

I knew right away that Kobe was going to get suspended for that elbow he spoon fed Manu Ginobili. That was clearly intentional. You don’t accidentally swing an elbow on the way down from a jumper. It looked like he hit him flush, too, though Manu is a proud SAG card holder.
The only part that perplexes me is that Kobe got just a one-game suspension, the same penalty Baron received. How is that? Baron missed on his swipe and Kobe connected. Isn’t acctual assault a worse crime than attempted assault?

Marcus Thompson

  • Damon Pierson

    Man they need to change the name to the PBA – Princess basletball association because that is what it is turning into. Now how can a player get suspended for something that didn’t even draw a whistle in the game? What’s next the NBA hires a team of people to go over every inch of video from every game played and start penalizing players for things that weren’t called by the referees? The NBA has a problem that they need to get handled!

  • JustPuked

    Kobe was just pissed that someone blocked his last second hero attempt. The moment before when Duncan clearly fouled him on his missed dunk attempt he was more pissed that he didn’t get his Sportscenter moment than he was happy Radovic saved their bacon with that long jumper. Every time Kobe shows some serious character development, you can always see traces of the petulant selfishness that remain.

    Kobe remains the leader in the no no NO…YES!!! Moments. Has their ever been an MVP candidate in any sport whose judgment is so routinely derided and yet still manages to accomplish so many transcendent moments? I’m guessing this latest slip will only motivate the next explosive performance against the Spurs.

  • JustPuked

    Apparently it didn’t need to be the Spurs, Kobe lit up the Celtics with 43.