This is Pathetic

No LeBron, and the Warriors are down 20 at the half. They were shooting 39.5 percent (compared to the Cavs 50.0), turned the ball over 11 times (which led to 15 points) and committed 15 personal fouls (which led to 24 free throws).
There is no excuse to be getting manhandled like this, not with the season practically on the line.

Marcus Thompson

  • beau

    i don’t know why anyone thinks there could be a steven jackson market out there, he’s really just an average player. this who should we get rid of debate among richardson/pietrus/jackson is a no-brainer. the former 2 are younger, more talented, and less of a pr nightmare. admittedly, it would be easier to trade either jr or mp but if someone will take jackson off the w’s hands, they should jump at the chance. whoever opined that he was a good on ball defender doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. when sasha pavlovic blows by you like you aren’t even there, your d is suspect at best. harrington’s d isn’t much better by the way. and whoever measured him at 6’9″ made a mistake. i think he’s a stretch at 6’7″ and he has short arms. that’s why he can’t rebound.

  • itsagreattimeout

    I missed the game, but sheesh, how did this happen?? Were their bigs too big for us? How can you not “get up for the game”? They should all have to take out a full page ad for this debacle (a la J-Rich).
    Btw, heard that Monta is injured. Is he out for a while?

  • itsagreattimeout

    Good insight, Beau. Thanks! I wonder if perhaps Nellie could try a lineup where Harrington is the SF, like with Barnes at PF, Andris at C. That might be better for rebounds. It wouldnt be a starting lineup, but it’s something that they could try for a while.

  • Kenneth Alino

    Same old Warriors! To those who think that it was because of Murph and Dun think again… It’s the way the players play!!! Too much selfish plays and when u have a guard that shoots first, no playoff bound.. Trying to copy the Suns but they have a PG that makes everybody happy.. It’s the system!!!