How many teams in the league can shoot 57.5 percent in the first half and be losing by 14 points — to Atlanta?
The reason they are down? Atlanta is getting open looks from behind the arc. That includes Joe Johnson, a noted outside shooter.
The Hawks made 8 of 17 3-point attempts in the first half. The only reason it wasn’t worse was that Johnson struggled with his shot, making just 3 of 10. So that means everyone else was 5-for-7.
It’s amazing how the Warriors keep getting sucked into the paint, as if they’re going to actually defend the basket. The Hawks came into the game ranked 29th in points per game (91.5). They scored 70 first-half points! Nellie has never been known as a defensive coach, but that’s pretty embarrassing.

Marcus Thompson

  • beau

    good thing we got more athletic with that trade. amazing how much better the w’s are without murphy and dunleavy. god, now that they’re rid of them there’s no limit. amazing how dumb fans and beat writers can be.

  • beau

    it’s called zone defense. one gives up open outside shots when in zone. it’s designed as such. and when the w’s aren’t getting to’s out of their zone and are playing a team that can shoot the 3, they’re screwed.

  • JustPuked

    This team is headed staight for the lottery. Oh what, were you sucked into believing the Warriors had improved enough after the trade to make it to the playoffs? That’s cute.