Should Warriors Go After Gadzuric?

I haven’t seen him play regularly, but Milwaukee’s Dan Gadzuric seems to be a nice, mobile big man. He might be a bit too expensive though, especially if the trade doesn’t include Foyle’s contract.
Certainly, Nelson needs an agile big man, someone who can run the floor, finish at the rim, block shots, etc. Gadzuric is 6-11, 240 pounds — roughly the same size as Andris Biedrins — and he’s certainly athletic and is an energy guy, which makes him perhaps a better fit than say Nazr Mohammed.
His best season (2004-05) he averaged 7.3 points, 8.3 rebounds and 1.3 blocks in 22 minutes. His numbers have declined with his playing time the last few years.
The problem is, Gadzuric is making $23 million over the next four years after this season. That’s a pretty steep price tag for a back-up center.

Marcus Thompson

  • JustPuked

    Only if they can swap him for Foyle. Even then it’s kinda steep. I’d rather they focus on a legit starting 4 than a back up 5.

  • commish

    If not Dan G. then whom? Who else makes sense? You said in the Forum for Nellie’s system to succeed he needs stallions. Any out there that would be worth Monte?

  • Michael Saltzman

    I think another UCLA alum could really boost our team. Dan Gadzuric would be a perfect fit for our style of play and finally give us somebody who can help inside for Biedrins when he is in fould trouble or is on the bench getting a rest. Foyle needs to be on the bench or in another uniform, and every minute he plays is another minute further away from a playoff team.

    Michael Saltzman
    San Jose, CA

  • itsagreattimeout

    You’re crazy. Foyle’s probably the best backup C in the league. Of course he’s expensive. But I don’t think there’s anyone one right now I would risk going after, save Amare, and that’s not happening.

  • JustPuked

    Unless we’re getting KG, Amare, Howard, or Bosh, there’s just no reason to even think about trading Ellis. He’s showing flashes of Gilbert Arenas/Dwayne Wade like ability. Letting ANOTHER Gilbert Arenas leave would be devastating to this franchise. Biedrins and Ellis are as close to untouchable as you’re going to get on the Warriors. There’s no need to trade away the potential that Ellis has for someone like Chris Wilcox or Melvin Ely. If another trade happens I hope Higgins and Mullin take the time to pick up a player that can help over the long term, not some short-term knew jerk reaction just to stay in the playoff race this year.

  • manhattanproj

    no way. foyle is better than gadzuric, much better. i say, the w’s should wait and see what happens this season. if we are in the lottery, there’s a good chance we can get joakim noah. he’s the type of energy and mobile big man we need. biedrins and noah should form a pretty good tandem as they both play very much alike.

    here’s a thought that I’ll throw out. does the warriors seem to play better without baron? the ball seems to move much better and monta is more assertive. baron’s value is probably at its peak right now, can the w’s get a KG or a Bosh in return?

  • Mano de Nada

    Wordlife JP! I mean a 2nd round pick for Ely? OK. Monta Ellis? HUH?!?

    I like Gadzuric, he’s the kind of defensive minded player that could work in Nelson’s system BUT he’s out for 6 weeks and, as Marcus points, he’s $$$ for multi years. Still I’d swap Foyle no doubt. Maybe the Bucks would even be interested; Adonal’s overpaid but a decent defender, maybe it’s the kind of change they’d be into.

    The dubs gotta get some sort of 4 D though no doubt!