SIt ‘Em Down Now

The Warriors have five games left for the All-Star Break. I know they are important, but I say sit Baron and Monta until after the Break. That would give them a full 15 days to rest up.
Monta may not have a choice, as I wouldn’t be surprised if a sprained MCL is announced tomorrow. Baron is down for at least a few games. But even if they are “ready to play” before the break, I would sit them down. It’s too risky. The Warriors will desperately need a second-half surge. If they can come back after the break with Baron, Monta and Jason fully healthy, that’s their best shot.
Sure, they could lose the next five games. But, chances are they could pull out two of those five (Hawks and Knicks at home) without Baron and Monta. That would put them at 25-29, and still in striking distance. Even if they lost 4 of 5, they would be 24-30. I can live with that if it means the team’s best three guards will be healthy coming out of the break.
But, if they push it and worsen their injuries, the season could be done by March. Last season, Baron admitted he came back too early, trying to bail the Warriors out of a critical stretch.
The Warriors can’t afford anymore injuries to key players in the second half of the season. They can’t afford any slumps or droughts. They need a significant run if they have any shot at the postseason. Might as well start preparing for it now.

Marcus Thompson

  • JustPuked

    Nothing on the biggest win of the season? Suddenly the Timberwolves game is big as well. I’m not naive enough to REALLY believe that the Dubs have enough to get to the second season this year, but they may be able to make it very interesting. Frankly, they may have a better shot at doing it without the services of Baron Davis. (see my comments concerning Tony vs Baron)

  • fulminating

    marcus, is this really going to make a difference anyway? we may be only a few games out but we’re up against both the clips and minnie for the 8th seed. i used to be enthusiastic but our recent skid has revealed our team to still be lacking. let’s just suck it up and tank and get a dominant rebounding PF.

  • Marcus Thompson

    The only problem with that theory is that you won’t get a dominant rebounding PF. Even if you do get him, he won’t be a dominant rebounding PF until say his third year in the league.
    Wanna wait that long?
    I say rest up, make another move and go for it now. Then maybe a free agent might want to come this offseason.

  • Steve Erickson

    Hi, Marcus. I’m a longtime Warriors fan who’s hoping that one day the Warriors will actually field a roster full of talented (shooting) AND smart (basketball IQ) NBA players. For the last decade, those qualities have been highly conspicuous by their absence, and mostly responsible for Golden State’s non-participation in postseason basketball. I think if Don Nelson hangs around long enough, the Warriors will eventually prosper from his guidance on and off the court (he’s more the GM than Mullin, IMO). The trade with Indiana was a start.

    Their next move should be to unload Pietrus before the deadline. He’s not above average in any phase of the game, and therefore undeserving of the new hefty contract that someone will undoubtedly offer him at season’s end. Let’s hope that “someone” is not the Warriors.

    I’m also in favor of trading Jason Richardson before Feb 22, but I don’t believe Nelson will pull the trigger on that one till next season. While Jason has worked hard to improve his game in recent years, he remains a player who is not a particularly good passer, nor ballhandler, nor defender, and his shooting pretty much falls in the “streaky” category. And in the clutch (last year in Dallas notwithstanding), he pulls the string on his shot WAY too often.

    To put it another way, if Jason is your 5th or 6th best player on your team (which he would be on a Phoenix or Dallas or San Antonio), you have a chance to be a championship team. If he’s your 1st or 2nd best player (as has been the perception with the Warriors), you are going “nowhere”. Fans have been wowed by his fancy dunks over the years, but otherwise, JR falls in line with the recently traded Warriors; talent not commensurate with salary.

    Trading BOTH Pietrus and Richardson before the deadline (assuming Nelson calls the shots and gets his kind of players in return) would definitely, IMO, make the Warriors a playoff team this year, and would likely jump-start their chances for a REALLY good 2007-2008 season. Unfortunately, I see Nelson wanting to first watch JR play the rest of this season before making a decision on his (JR) future with the team. That said, I believe JR will be playing elsewhere next season.

    What’s your opinion on Nachbar of New Jersey? I like his agility, length, and shooting skills, and would love to see him on the Warriors given their style of play. What is his contract status?

    Thanks for your time. Was just interested in your take on some of my thoughts concerning the Warriors and their current situation?

    Steve Erickson

  • Mano de Nada

    But you don’t find the Twolves and Clippers lacking as well? It’s not like the Warriors is up against perfectly conceived teams. Make no mistake, the dubs can still very much compete for that last spot.

    Though I’m with JP – that’s not worth any price. Yes, it’d be nice, but I’m willing to be patient if it means a better opportunity at a consistent contender. You don’t give up all the potential just to make the playoffs to get wiped by the Suns. If you’re in you want to really compete y’know? Maybe I’m just totally delusional (I’m not so against the idea really) but the dubs, they’re just not that far off from a very solid team.

    So sitting them down for a bit, making sure BD & Monta heal well, I’m all for it.


  • sean

    if ask marcus is going to be coming here then it needs to have a similar lay out. clicking on the subject to see the comments is lame. much better just to have things open. it’d be nice anyway

  • Dan

    Nellie has had some random rotations with BD and Ellis logging a lot of minutes in futile blowouts and not giving the Warrior cigar, Foyle or a pathetic backup PG minutes at the costing of wearing out our only decent players. The Warriors are still in striking distance, even though the Clips, the Kings and Hornets are improving and we are collapsing on the road. Despite his flaws, I still think J-Rich is our best perimeter player because he has the potential to improve, has a lot of consistency and will rebound well for his position. Unfortunately, Nellie has us in a catch -22. He wants a stud like Amare, Bosch, or Howard but we don’t have the pieces , cap space or top 3 lottery pick to land one, so we look pathetic with four very mediocre perimeter players pretending to play power forward.