SIt ‘Em Down Now

The Warriors have five games left for the All-Star Break. I know they are important, but I say sit Baron and Monta until after the Break. That would give them a full 15 days to rest up.
Monta may not have a choice, as I wouldn’t be surprised if a sprained MCL is announced tomorrow. Baron is down for at least a few games. But even if they are “ready to play” before the break, I would sit them down. It’s too risky. The Warriors will desperately need a second-half surge. If they can come back after the break with Baron, Monta and Jason fully healthy, that’s their best shot.
Sure, they could lose the next five games. But, chances are they could pull out two of those five (Hawks and Knicks at home) without Baron and Monta. That would put them at 25-29, and still in striking distance. Even if they lost 4 of 5, they would be 24-30. I can live with that if it means the team’s best three guards will be healthy coming out of the break.
But, if they push it and worsen their injuries, the season could be done by March. Last season, Baron admitted he came back too early, trying to bail the Warriors out of a critical stretch.
The Warriors can’t afford anymore injuries to key players in the second half of the season. They can’t afford any slumps or droughts. They need a significant run if they have any shot at the postseason. Might as well start preparing for it now.

Marcus Thompson