Don’t Get Your Hopes Up, Baron

So, Iverson may not take part in the All-Star Game. Voted in as one of the reserves, Iverson told the Denver Post he may rest up his ankle so he can be healthy for the Nuggets in the second half. Iverson didn’t even make the Nuggets road trip at Indiana and Milwaukee.
If Iverson opts not to play, commissioner David Stern could name a third alternate. But before you start thinking that’s the cracked door Baron needs, before you start think it might be time for Davis and the Warriors to get some love, I’ve got one name to drop on you.
Ray Allen.

Marcus Thompson

  • ek

    Hey MTII,
    Don’t understand why Ray Allen would get chosen over BD. I thought the logic behind not picking BD was the W’s record. If Seattle has a worse record, why would Allen get picked?
    I also have a couple ridiculous trades to run by you. Sarunas to Cle for Sideshow Varejao & Ira Newble. Also, Pietrus & Cabarkapa to Orl for Carlos Arroyo. $ works. Was wondering if other teams would bite. Thx, EK

  • JustPuked

    It’s the story of the Warriors, they can’t win for losing!

  • EJ

    Baron has every right to go over Ray Allen. But if anything, it’ll be Deron Williams.