Al “Hot Sauce” Harrington

Al is a Nike endorser, but he could show up on the next And1 mixtape the way he broke Luol Deng’s ankles.
Harrington caught the ball at the right wing and gave a jab step that was so tough, Deng fell on his rump. Of course, Harrington failed to finish the play because he missed the 3-pointer as Deng looked from his hardwood couch.
It may have looked like streetball, but it was actually an excellent lesson on fundamentals. Harrington had Deng in-between stances because he was in triple-threat position. The Triple Threat Position, for the amatuers is the stance from which you can drive, pass or shoot. It’s a fundamental offensive stance. Because Harrington executed it correctly, he was able to aptly sell the drive or the shot, which is why Deng’s lower body was stuck in park while his upper body was backing up to defend penetration.
Wow, Rick Barry would be so proud of me. That’s your lesson for today. That check you were going to make out to Better Basketball, send it to Marcus Thompson.

Marcus Thompson