Michael Sweet-tooth

I’m not the lightest man in the world by no means, but I feel like a ballerina looking at the Bulls’ Michael Sweetney.
Maybe it’s because he’s guarding Andris Biedrins. He’s listed at 6-8, 275 pounds, but he obviously was weighed in the middle of a fast. This dude looks like Oliver Miller’s son. He must hang up his slacks with jumper cables.
What’s even more amazing is that he looks some what agile. He moves fairly well for someone his size — which he showed when he blocked Al Harrington’s fastbreak layup.
Sweetney’s always had issues with his weight, dating back to Georgetown. It was partly the reason the Knicks gave up on him. It’s why he’ll be looking for work at the end of this season.
I find it utterly amazing that a professional athlete can’t get in shape. Unlike regular people — who have to find workout time in schedules filled with work, families, finances, etc. — athletes have ALL DAY to devote to their job, which requires being in shape. Especially in teh NBA, when all they do is run. I can even understand guys not being in their best shape, but to be overweight is unacceptable.

Marcus Thompson