The Hinrich Maneuver

OK, so maybe Monta isn’t doing that great of a job on Kirk Hinrich. Dude is carrying the Bulls — 18 points and 10 assists in three quarters. The Warriors have had Monta, Azubuike, Pietrus and Sarunas guard him.
I have always liekd this dude. He can shoot. He knows how to penetrate despite not being the most athletic guy. He tries on defense. He’s one of the most complete and underrated point guards in the league. He’s not a dominant player, just extremely solid.

Serious question: If you were set at shooting guard, who would you rather have as your POINT GUARD, Hinrich or Ellis?

Marcus Thompson

  • James

    Hard to say. Like you said, Hinrich is extremely solid. But when you look at potential, the sky is the limit for Ellis. And I see either Ellis becoming solid or an all-star, so I go with Ellis.

  • itsagreattimeout

    Ellis. Duh. This is a Warriors site.

  • Mano de Nada

    Oh c’mon, Monta by a mile – much more potential upside. Hinrich is what he is already. When you say Kirk “tries” to play defense, I’m reminded of him grabbing Monta’s jersey at the neckline as Ellis blows by him, again. Excellent shooter, good team player and tries on D; solid but crucial?

  • Big Re

    Yo Marcus,

    I am glad that you are giving Hinrich some props. As a Golden State Warrriors fan who attended grad school in Lawrence KS I can say first hand that he is an excellent player (saw him play in person 5-6 times). In my opinion I would rather have Hinrich than Ellis at PG since he really is a PG (not a short shooting guard). Don’t get me wrong, Ellis has a sweet game and more “upside” than Kirk with all his physical gifts, but Hinrich is an ultracompetative and hardnosed guy with good athletisism and solid fundamentals. I think he is totally underrated at this point in his career. I think that comes from playing at a school that doesn’t produce top 10 talent for the NBA–especially at the PG position. Anyhow I am sure the W’s would not have passed on him had they had a chance to draft him, fortunatly they got a steal when they drafted Monta in Rd. 2. GO Warriors!

  • Marcus Thompson

    I would go with Ellis, too. If he gets the point guard thing down, he’s going to be unstoppable. But I wouldn’t be at all disappointed if I had Hinrich considering I’m set a shooting guard. My only thing with Ellis is that he’s going to be a scoring point guard, like Gilbert. That doesn’t usually mix with a top-notch shooting guard. That’s why Gilbert’s backcourt mate is Antonio Daniels.

  • commish

    Clever pun: Hinrich manuever. Hope you didn’t choke on it. The Chicago folks I hear on the NBA radio shows say he’s having an off year and are waiting for him to break out. I like Monta because (for better or worse) he’s fearless.

  • Marcus Thompson

    The play Monta made late in the fourth quarter Sunday is why I would go with Ellis. It is undoubted he’s a better pure scorer and a better athlete. But Monta is showing growth as a point guard. Down three with 40 seconds left, Monta got the ball and went straight to the rim instead of looking for the game-tying three. That’s maturity. This dude could be a point guard some day.