Allen Iverson’s Ankle Healing

I talked to the NBA writer from the Denver Post today (Marc Spears), he updated me on Iverson’s ankle. Apparently, Iverson’s ankle is feeling better, But he’ll be a game-time decision for Monday’s game against the Warriors in Denver.
Monday’s game will let us know the chances of Iverson making an All-Star appearance. If he can’t play, chances are he’s out. If he can play, but it doesn’t feel good, he may still pull himself out of the All-Star Game and use the time off to rest his ankle. He’s loving Denver so much, he may be willing to pass up on an All-Star Game to come through for the Nuggets.
If Iverson does pass up Las Vegas, commissioner Stern would name his replacement. That could mean Baron Davis will get an invite.
There aren’t too many snubs left. As far as guards go, if Stern wanted to go that route, there’s pretty much Baron and Ray Allen.
Of course, Stern could shift gears and pick a big man, such as the Clippers’ Elton Brand. But that would leave Steve Nash as the only point guard on the roster (though Kobe or T-Mac could run point). There’s certainly no way Suns coach Mike D’Antoni, the West All-Stars coach, is going to play his currently injured star point guard for 35 minutes.
Baron makes the most sense. But before Stern can make that call, Iverson has to make his.

Marcus Thompson