These Indiana Boys Aren’t Clutch!

In the last two games, the two key imports from Indiana have made some completely bonehead decisions.
First, on Friday, All Harrington pulls up from halfcourt with three seconds left — totally oblivious to time and situation. Fortunately, the game was tied and went into overtime, where the Warriors won.
Sunday, they weren’t as fortunate. Down one inside of 10 seconds, the ball found its way to Stephen Jackson. He held onto the ball until the final second, only to airball a well-defended fade-away.
Everyone knows when you’re down you go right away. When you’re ahead or tied, you wait. What’s more, Jackson was 6-for-18 from the field. He has to know that he’s not feeling it (which is understandable given his situation), stop trying to be a hero and get the ball to Monta Ellis, who was getting to the rack all day.
With the injuries and the ground they have to make up, the Warriors can’t afford unforced errors to cost them games.

Marcus Thompson

  • itsagreattimeout

    What a boneheaded play. I recall a similar incident with Baron last year where he waited and then dribbled it off his leg. The season was lost for sure not long after that. Is it that hard to teach these guys not to wind down the clock??? You’d think professionals would know that! Ugh!

  • commish

    Dagger in the heart, it was. Of course we shouldn’t be losing to the Hawks at home in the first place. And I can’t understand why Harrington sat out most of the game and Powell, who helped us beat Chicago, played so little. I sure wish I understood Nellie’s thinking.

  • jim

    I am baffled at why the Warriors can’t notch up the intensity for a game like this.The Hawks are athletic but raw. We almost eeked out a win we really didn’t deserve. I like what I see in Sarunas, he brings a direction to the floor. Two questions: Why do you think Nellie did not play Powell more; did he make a mistake I missed? Why does Andres get so few calls his way; is there something in his game that needs major adjustment?

  • itsagreattimeout

    Hey, I can’t watch the game on TV. No sign of Jackson in the boxscore; is he playing tonight?

  • Marcus Thompson

    He just arrived at the Pepsi Center. He is in the locker room right now with about a minute left in the first half. He should be available for the second half, according to Fox sideline insider Matt Steinmetz.