All-Star Door Cracked, Baron Can’t Walk Through

So Steve Nash has had to pull out from the All-Star game because of injuries. Allen Iverson isn’t playing tonight and may pull out of the game also. That potentially leaves two spots that need to be replaced.
But, of course, Baron can’t take advantage because he’s getting cut open. Arthroscopic surgery on left knee will shelve Baron for an extended period (my guess is he won’t be back until the middle of March at best, and then he’ll be hobbled).
That’s just how this season has gone. No chance of a last-ditch All-Star bid. No chance of this team getting healthy anytime soon. And, it looks, no chance of playoffs this season.

Marcus Thompson

  • itsagreattimeout

    Any chance for Andris? They’re short on Centers, and the West doesn’t have Centers that aren’t injured or already invited that are better statistically than Andris. Then again, they’re also short on PGs, so I’m not expecting it to happen.

  • commish

    Surprise suprise. If you were writing your blog last year wouldn’t you be writing the same thing? No Baron, no playoffs. But your header was really cool.

  • Richard


    They should bring back your Q&A section. It was the most interesting reading on the Contra Costa site. You did a great job responding.

    Also, say goodbye to the playoffs…this team looks like it has no clue on playing defense.

  • Marcus Thompson

    They’re getting rid of all the Q&As. They’re going blog crazy. I just figured out a way I can do both today. Email me a question to mthompson2@cctimes.com, make the subject “Blog Question” and I’ll answer the question. I won’t be able to answer as many, but I can tackle the good ones.