Melvin Ely to Spurs

Before you start with the “Why didn’t the Warriors get Ely?” rant, ask youself this one question: why would Charlotte give him up for Eric Williams and a second-round pick? The answer to the second question should be the answer to the first question. If it’s not, your answer is wrong.
Ely is good, but he’s not the answer. He’s not going to supplant Biedrins. He may not be better than Josh Powell. He just wasn’t worth a draft pick or another player on the roster.

Marcus Thompson

  • manhattanproj

    I agree that the w’s don’t need ely. beside, ely isn’t worth trading anyone on the roster for. and ely isn’t going to make a difference btw playoff or not.

    with that said, it looks highly unlikely that w’s will make the playoffs. the one player in the draft that can help w’s tremendously is joakim noah. he plays like andris but with more emotions. he’s the kind of player that w’s are missing right now. someone that plays defense, boards, hussle, and most importantly plays with an enthusiasm and energy that can’t be matched by any w’s (maybe beside j-rich). he’s going to be out of the top 5 or top 7, so mullin should do whatever he can to trade up and get him.

    what you all think?

  • Mano de Nada

    Are you certain about Ely? I mean is he “The Answer” for the dubs? No. But can he board and defend the 4? Yes. And anybody else on the Warriors? Ahem. Who’s the current backup at the 4 & 5? I mean really – he’s definitely better than Powell is right now, no doubt. Could we trade Josh for a 2nd round pick and a bench player? Probably not. No dis’ on Powell, I’d like to see him stick ’round for the right $$$ y’know?

    So ‘scuse my bias but I kinda think he’s OK with being on the Spurs instead of the W’s, don’t you?

    I’d love to see Noah play with Andris but there’s no guarantee in terms of draft position. MT also pointed out previously that it usually takes years to develop an effective NBA power forward.

    How about something more realistic, or ideally in addition to an excellent draft pick, like the Cav’s Anderson Varejao – a backup 4 & 5, unrestricted free agent, fast and long enough to run with the Warriors.

  • JustPuked

    Noah is NOT dropping to the 6 or 7 spot. That’s pure fantasy. He’s listed on most draft boards at the 3 – 5 spot. After the Florida run in the NCAA’s and the individual match-ups he’ll go at the 3 spot at the absolute lowest. Translation: unless the Warriors get lucky with the ping pong balls, no Noah, no Durrant, No Oden.

  • Mano de Nada

    And maybe I’m just a little bit crazy but Noah and Varejao are very similar players – energy, defense, length, speed and boards.

    Why play possum and resort to voodoo style wishful dreaming to try to get the top 3 pick when you can just offer Sideshow more than Cavs will want to pay for him?