Warriors Basketball — How it Should Be

Aside from going cold for a stretch and nearly blowing a 31-point lead, and 11-for-19 shooting from the free throw line (57.9 percent) the Warriors played a nearly flawess offensive game. They were shooting 60 percent with one minute remaining. They were 11-for-21 (52.4 percent) from behind the arc, taking smart shots from distance and making them count.
The biggest stat, the one that illustrates how well they followed the game plan, was the 29 assists. What made that total so special was that 16 of them didn’t go to Baron. Stephen Jackson had 8, Monta had 7, Harrington had 3, Foyle and Kelenna had three each. That’s a product of ball movement and unselfishness. That’s the sign of a team not relying on one player to make it happen for everyone. They had 29 fastbreak points and 52 points in the paint, which means they pushed the tempo and they weren’t settling for jumpers.
That’s how the Warriors have to play top have a shot at winning, especially while Baron is out. Of course, they have these type of games here and there. The question is can they do it consistently. Guess we’ll find out after the All-Star break.

Marcus Thompson

  • itsagreattimeout

    Can you explain to me what happened to Andris’ free throw motion in the last month and a half? He had a good motion in the fall that was working- then he suddenly reverted to his old form. Why? Now he has that little hesitation and then pushes the ball flat to the hoop.
    I also think that if the correct form gives him worse results right now than what he’s currently using, he should still use the correct form to improve his FT shooting in the long run.
    Good win!

  • Mano de Nada

    I’m particularly impressed with Abuzuike’s consistent offerings. He seems to be a stable asset, someone who gives a lot of effort regardless. I’d like to see him stick around, especially since it shouldn’t cost much $$$.


  • JustPuked

    Um, so you’re saying the team is finally moving and sharing the ball the way they need to be in order to properly run a Nelson offense and this is just now happening…with Baron Davis NOT on the court. I actually don’t agree with the rumblings that the Warriors are a better team without Baron Davis but…there sure is plenty of evidence to the contrary. So how to be get this team to play this way when Baron comes back?

  • Marcus Thompson

    You are right in that the team is not better without Baron. The evidence that it is only comes in two or three game intervals. This roster can’t do that consistently. They won’t face a terrible defense like the Knicks’ every night.
    The way to get this team to play like this is to get one or two more creaters. Every seen the Warriors break when Baron doesn’t run it? You don’t know if it will be a turnover or a dunk. They need someone who can command the rock from Baron, who doesn’t need Baron to make something happen.

    Andris is just getting this free throw thing down. I would expect some inconsistencies and struggles with his form and motion. It takes a while to get that stuff down. He probably feels comfortable one way as opposed to another, so he has to train himself to shoot the most productive way consistently.

  • Joe

    The Warriors basically got a free Lottery Pick when they signed Azubuike from the D-League.

    Kelenna Azubuike continues to out perform most of the lottery picks this season.

    Azubuike has played in 19 games(6 starts) and despite only averaging 22 mins/game

    Among Rookies Kelenna Azubuike is:

    1st in 3pt fg% at 52% (2nd in the NBA behind only Jason Kapono)

    3rd in Effeciency

    4th in Points/game at 10.3(only Brandon Roy, Adam Morrison, and Andrea Bargnani score more and they all play more minutes and Kelenna shoots a higher overall fg% than all of them)

    5th in combined points/rebs/assists

    7th in Steals/game

    11th in Rebounds/game

    13th in Free Throw percentage

    14th in Blocks/game

    14th in Assists/game

    18th in FG% (not bad for a SG)

    His Hollinger PER rating is 19.5 as a Shooting Guard is by far the highest on his team.

    By comparison Jason Richardson’s PER rating at shooting guard for last season(one of his best) was 20.1

    He has started the last 3 games and in those games averaged:

    18 pts/game (18-29 fg, 7-10 3pt, 11-13 FT), 4.3 rbs/gm, 1.6 ast/gm, .33 st/gm, 1.33 blk/gm

    for the season he averages 3.4 rbs/game in 22 mins…. more than Steven Jackson averages in 35 mins/game and more than Monta Ellis averages in 34 mins/game.

    Azubuike has shown on several occasions that he can be a 35 minute 20 point 5 rebound a night player as a rookie… and generally speaking.. players get better their sophomore season 🙂

  • Mano de Nada

    Hey Marcus, how do you convince BD to amp the assists and chill the shooting then? Is it just a matter of him getting comfortable with his options – Ellis, Harrington, Jax, JR? Seems to me Kidd wasn’t a very good shooter either, but he dominates through distribution. BD has some of Jason’s court vision and team play, plus he’s younger and more athletic – he still has the potential to really put it all together.

    Isn’t it a little bit give and take, where BD’s got to see the abilities in his teammates, as well as the scorers have to give him something to rely on?


  • JustPuked

    BTW Joe-

    That was a great post on Kelenna Azubuike.