J-Rich said before the game that he is looking to go 18-10 the rest of the way. That would give them a 43-39 record, and he figures that will be enough to get the Warriors into the postseason.
But is that feasible?
Here’s a breakdown of the Warriors’ remaining schedule:

13 home games
15 road games
Which means if they won all of their remaining home games, they would need to win five on the road. If they win 10 of those home games, they’d have to get eight on the road, which is more than half. The Warriors are currently 6-20 on the road.

11 games against losing teams
17 games against winning teams
The Warriors are 14-14 against losing teams, 11-15 against winning teams. If they swept the losing teams (which includes the Clippers), they would have to beat seven winning teams.

6 games against the Eastern Conference
22 games against the Western Conference
The Warriors are 12-12 against the Eastern Conference, and 13-17 against the West. If they beat the remaining Eastern Conference opponents (which includes a game at Detroit, Chicago and two games vs. Washington), they would have to go 12-10 against their remaining West foes.

8 games are the second game of back-to-backs
9 games on two days of rest or more
The Warriors are 1-13 on the second night of back-to-backs, and 8-4 on at least two days of rest. If the Warriors won all their games on at least two days rest and won half of their back-end games, they would need to win 5 of 11 games on one day of rest.

So, again, is it feasible?

Marcus Thompson