Along Way from the Knicks Game

Remember how people were pointing out how well the Warriors played without Baron against the Knicks? It looked good then, huh?
Tonight, they are showing why they can’t win without Baron.
The shots aren’t falling (through three quarters, they’re shooting 39.7 percent, 3-for-16 from 3-point range), fast break isn’t producing, and the Warriors have nowhere to turn. Memphis is playing every man straight up, switching on screens, and forcing the Warriors into a one-on-one offense. No one can score consistently enough to draw a double-team, or at least prevent their man from helping.
What do you do in times like these, when you’re getting outboarded, outshot and outexecuted? That’s when you need a star to take over.

Marcus Thompson

  • james

    Have to give more props to SJax – he carried Ws at times.

    Monta — he looks like he paces himself, always has some gas for the 4q. I hope he and Gil Arenas trade conditioning tips in the off-season.