Biedrins is Killing Gasol

Check out these numbers with 2:50 left in the game:

Biedrins 21 points, 10-for-15 shooting, 13 rebounds, 36 minutes
P. Gasol 16 points, 6-for-15 shooting, 12 rebounds, 37 minutes

The Warriors are even dumping it down to Biedrins against Gasol. Andris, with Pau on his back, dribbled to the middle, faked baseline, faked back to the middle, then went back to the baseline for an easy layup on Pau. Gasol was toast.
I’ll tell you what. I wouldn’t trade for Pau. For Nellie’s system, Biedrins is better and cheaper. He runs the floor better, he doesn’t need as many touches (though he should get more with that field goal percentage) to have an impact on the game. Did I say he was cheaper?
This dude Andris contines to impress me. If his offensive game continues to progress as it is, this dude will be a beast.

Marcus Thompson

  • James

    Andris continues to impress. Team’s 1st legit
    hard-working Center since
    Robert Parish. Mullin
    should get some props for
    this pick from the fan base