This Was a Season Saver

Warriors fans can thank Monta for his fourth-quarter performance. Without it, the Warriors would have assuredly lost, potentially starting a funk that could doom the season.
Thanks to Ellis going 4-for-6 from the floor en route to nine points in overtime, the Warriors have some momentum to start the seocnd half. If they can somehow pull out a win at the Clippers, then come home and beat the hated Lakers in what is sure to be an emotional affiar, they can take some pressure off of the coming six-game road trip.
The Clippers are certainly beatable, and the Lakers — who lost at home to Portland tonight — are reeling. Even without Baron, the Warriors can win those games (though the Clippers have had their number).
But those would be must-win games practically if they lose to Memphis at home, souring the taste in everyone’s mouth. Thank Monta (22 points, 8-for-16 FGs, seven rebounds, six assists) for that.

Marcus Thompson

  • sarchasmic

    On paper, this match shouldn’t have been as close as it was, considering G.S. was facing a tired team. What do you think about your colleague Tim K’s opinion that the Dubs should start tanking?

  • commish

    Simmer down big boy. Where is that writer’s objectivity? Remember we are dealing with a team that tomorrow night can implode, explode, blow any reasonably safe lead, find ways to get injured, and so on. Moderation in all things Warriors is an adroit understatement. On the other hand, Nellie bar the door!

  • commish

    Oh, did I fail to mention, the Grizzles are 14-41 (counting that ass whopping we put on them in overtime last night).

  • EJ

    Hi Marcus. I think a major contributor to last night’s win was the ability to get the ball to the low-post late in the game. They used it a few times with JRich, and converted on a couple of occasions. That and his ability to crash the boards is something the W’s were lacking this year during his absence. He is one of the better rebounding SG in the league. That win was HUGE!!

  • Marcus Thompson

    I wasn’t saying they were going to make the playoffs, just that they had to win that game. If they lose that game, the season was done. Now, it’s still alove. It doesn’t matter that they barely beat a bad team (which is better than their 14-41 record), but that they won the game.

  • commish

    Mia Culpa aka my bad) 🙂

  • James

    For whatever reason, Memphis seems to give Ws trouble — nice win. I’d love to see what Monta’s 4q stats are, as he seems to be pretty clutch.