Warriors Shopping Richardson?

Chris Mullin said on the record that Richardson is off the table. He told my colleague Tim Kawakami such not too long ago. However, I’ve read in three places that they have been offering J.R. to everyone.
What’s up with that?
Part of me doesn’t believe it. But part of me believes that Mullin is reaching, trying to land a mega star. Then, another part of me believes that he’s just trying to get rid of Foyle, using Richardson to make Adonal more attractive.
Either way, it won’t work. No one loves JR like the Warriors, so Mullin is never going to get the value they think they deserve for him. Who wants to give up too much for a guard with some $50 million left?

Marcus Thompson

  • manhattanproj

    if they want to get rid of foyle, mullin should dangle al. he’s supposed to be the force on the block but i’ve seen shoot more 3s than post up. he’s just a more athletic and shorter version of murph. i’m a little disappointed about al’s play at 4. al and foyle, w’s own pick for expiring contract and a lottery pick. would any lottery bound team go for it?

    jr brings life to the warriors. w’s need that energy.

  • commish

    It may be too early to say this, but after the last two debacles, I’d trade any of the veterans on the team because obviously there is no veteran leadership that is going to turn this team around. Obviously Al and Jax are infinitely better than Dunmurph, but not the answer. He went to Denver.

  • beau

    yeah, cause my god aren’t the nuggets playing well?! i think it’s time we realize, it’s the overall collection of players we have, and one player won’t make a difference from mediocrity to perennial playoff contender. we have players who are consistently inconsistent, too many guys with the same skill set (and defincies) and perhaps only one real buidling block (ellis, not davis).

    nellie likes guys who can handle the ball, he needs that for his style…mp, jr, sj, the 3 swing players either have poor (mp) or mediocre (jr, sj) handles and are therefore just as likely to turn the ball over as make a play. same is true for harrington. anybody noticed turnovers have increased since the trade. say what you will about dun, he was smart with the basketball. not saying w’s were better of before trade, b/c of salary cap implications that’s just not the case. but the “fit” and talent upgrade hasn’t been as significant as prognosticated.

    w’s need a complete roster overhaul. i think anyone but ellis and biendrins is tradeable. and soon as this season is over and both the w’s and twolves are sitting at home watching the playoffs, mullin should be calling mchale/hoiberg every day to pry KG away. (of course that may mean they have to trade ellis or biendrins).

    btw, i keep seeing these characterizations of carter and pierce as stars and building blocks, and i don’t understand that logic either. they’re building blocks now, and can’t get their teams into the top 8 in the east. they’re overrated. pierce is perhaps slightly better than jr and carter the same. there’s no way i mortgage anything to get these guys. mp, jr for one of these guys, ok, but no way i give up ellis or biendrins b/c one of these two WILL NOT turn the warriors around.

  • I really liked the way they came off