Poor Shaun

I feel so bad for Shaun Livingston. I have never seen anything like that on a basketball court. He might be done. He tore all three ligaments in his knee and it could be career threatening. At teh very least, he’s missing next year (they say he’s out at least a year.
The worst part, he was due for a contract extension, and was going to get something fat. The Clippers clearly valued him. They passed on the chance to get Allen Iverson and Vince Carter, according to published reports, because they didn’t want to give up Shaun.
He’ll get the $4.4M he’s due next season. He’s going to have to prove he can play again before he gets another nickel. I imagine he’ll have to do what Jay Williams did, get into somebody’s camp and try to prove he’s healthy and ready. Fortunately, he’s only 21.

Anyone who hasn’t seen it, here is the YouTube link. WARNING: It’s pretty nasty.


Marcus Thompson