Where’s the Chef?

The S.F. Chronicle’s Janny Hu brought up a good point in garbage time Wednesday. Why not play Patrick O’Bryant?
Ever the Warriors apologist (so some of you think), I didn’t have an answer. They were down big, they were showing no life and no fight. Why not play Pattie, let him get some burn against Andrew Bogut?
What was even more perplexing was when Nellie called down for Adonal Foyle to check into the game, for the first time, with the game out of reach. What was that for?
Nellie has Barnes, Azubuike and Josh Powell on the floor with Sarunas and Foyle. I get why the really youngsters were out there. I get why Sarunas is out there (don’t want Monta to get an injury in garbage time). But why is Foyle out there? What’s with the charity minutes for the seasoned vet? Isn’t $8.5 million enough of a consolation prize?

Marcus Thompson

  • Marcus Thompson

    UPDATE: O’Bryant checked in with 2:40 left in the fourth quarter and the Warriors down 23 points. Time to cook up some offense, Pattie!

  • Syke

    Man, they might as well throw in the towel for the season. Patty Cakes needs to get busted at Balco; think Nellie not using him for fear of injury??? Unfortunately, there probably isn’t a draft pick that’ll help stop the bleeding. Best bet is get Kevin McHale wasted (or sobered up?) and move our pick for a guy like KG.

  • JustPuked

    Welcome to the first day of the season. The game against the Bulls is the first game in the Warriors “Tanking” Season. If you’re keeping track at home Nellie, that means 10 minutes a game for the combination of POB, Ellis and Biedrins. Bring on the embarrassing crushing defeats on the road. Go ineffectual team management!

    What’s that you say, the Clippers, Hornets and TWolves lost again as well? Um, let’s make a run for the playoffs! This split personality cheerleading is killing me. It’s time to pick a side, save the cheerleader the Warriors.

    “Tanking, Tanking we’re the best. Even when trying we’re worst in the west. Failing, Failing, it’s all we’ve know, 13 season’s and we’re still aiming low, Losing, Losing, we’re guaranteed road kill, ask the Wash Generals ineptitude’s a skill, Hoping, Hoping will next year bring a change, keep on dreaming cuz nothing’s changed”

    -Being a Warrior fan is like being a test subject for the BFG

  • MC

    I would say play Foyle and O’Bryant. If you want any chance of trading Foyle, you have to raise his value by playing him. If you want a first round pick investment to get better, you have to play him. Plus, the D is terrible as you pointed out. So why not go to a big line-up? Move Harrington to the 3 and play two big men (rotate Foyle, O’Bryant, Powell).

  • warriorfaninlakerland

    Why even play Foyle? I think you saw why tonight against the Clippers! Playing on his birthday Citizen Foyle had seven points and eight boards to play a key role on a night when AB brought his B game.

    Go Warriors!!!