Now that’s a high-powered offense!
The Warriors just scored 14 points in five concurrent possessions. The Bulls are in total shock as their 14-point lead has disappeared in a heatbeat.
The Warriors hit four consecutive 3-pointers, two by Sarunas Jasikevicius, and got a steal and break-away dunk from Kelenna Azubuike (who also hit one of the treys) during a 13-2 run.
The Oracle hasn’t been that loud in a long time.


The Hinrich Maneuver

OK, so maybe Monta isn’t doing that great of a job on Kirk Hinrich. Dude is carrying the Bulls — 18 points and 10 assists in three quarters. The Warriors have had Monta, Azubuike, Pietrus and Sarunas guard him.
I have always liekd this dude. He can shoot. He knows how to penetrate despite not being the most athletic guy. He tries on defense. He’s one of the most complete and underrated point guards in the league. He’s not a dominant player, just extremely solid.

Serious question: If you were set at shooting guard, who would you rather have as your POINT GUARD, Hinrich or Ellis?


Al “Hot Sauce” Harrington

Al is a Nike endorser, but he could show up on the next And1 mixtape the way he broke Luol Deng’s ankles.
Harrington caught the ball at the right wing and gave a jab step that was so tough, Deng fell on his rump. Of course, Harrington failed to finish the play because he missed the 3-pointer as Deng looked from his hardwood couch.
It may have looked like streetball, but it was actually an excellent lesson on fundamentals. Harrington had Deng in-between stances because he was in triple-threat position. The Triple Threat Position, for the amatuers is the stance from which you can drive, pass or shoot. It’s a fundamental offensive stance. Because Harrington executed it correctly, he was able to aptly sell the drive or the shot, which is why Deng’s lower body was stuck in park while his upper body was backing up to defend penetration.
Wow, Rick Barry would be so proud of me. That’s your lesson for today. That check you were going to make out to Better Basketball, send it to Marcus Thompson.


Michael Sweet-tooth

I’m not the lightest man in the world by no means, but I feel like a ballerina looking at the Bulls’ Michael Sweetney.
Maybe it’s because he’s guarding Andris Biedrins. He’s listed at 6-8, 275 pounds, but he obviously was weighed in the middle of a fast. This dude looks like Oliver Miller’s son. He must hang up his slacks with jumper cables.
What’s even more amazing is that he looks some what agile. He moves fairly well for someone his size — which he showed when he blocked Al Harrington’s fastbreak layup.
Sweetney’s always had issues with his weight, dating back to Georgetown. It was partly the reason the Knicks gave up on him. It’s why he’ll be looking for work at the end of this season.
I find it utterly amazing that a professional athlete can’t get in shape. Unlike regular people — who have to find workout time in schedules filled with work, families, finances, etc. — athletes have ALL DAY to devote to their job, which requires being in shape. Especially in teh NBA, when all they do is run. I can even understand guys not being in their best shape, but to be overweight is unacceptable.


Blessing in Disguise

Though Baron is out, which figures to decreae the Warriors’ chance of victory, the good news is Monta gets a chance to play some point guard, where he certainly needs experience.
Nellie said before the game that the Warriors break is sometimes better under Monta than it is under Baron. Monta, he said, is not only faster and quicker than Davis, but he passes the ball up the court. Davis has a problem with holding the ball too long and dribbling it up court himself.
Ellis did a solid job playing point in the firts half. He had as many assists (5) as field goal attempts (Nellie said before the game that Ellis needs to distribute the ball better) and zero turnovers. What’s notable about his 12 points is that six came from the free throw line, which illustrates how he was attacking the basket instead of shooting jumpers. That set the tone for an attacking offense. The Warriors took 17 first-half free throws and just eight 3-pointers (making 4).
What’s more, Ellis made life harder for Hinrich, who was 3-for-9 with eight points and seven assists at the half.
Not a bad performance so far for the Warriors’ temporary starting point guard. Certainly better than Sarunas would have done. Let’s see if he can keep it up.