Don’t Need Oden

I’ve been bitten by the flu bug, both my wife and I (romantic, huh?), so I’ve been out of commission. Sorry for the inactivity.
Watching this Pistons game, I just can’t help but be awed at how Biedrins continues to get it done. He is controlling this game with his rebounding and finishing. It’s amazing how he is so productive using mostly intangibles.
Did you see him dribble up to half court in the third quarter?
If I’m the Warriors, I don’t go after Ohio State center Greg Oden. I go after Texas forward Kevin Durant. They have the perfect center fo Nelson’s system in Andris. He runs the floor, he catches the ball, he finishes, he makes smart outlet passes. Oden looks as if he’s going to be a better defensive center. But he’ll be more expensive as a No. 1 pick.
The Warriors will be perfectly fine at center, especially if they land someone like Durant (or even Joakim Noah). That gives the Warriors a playmaker at PF who can rebound and allows them to play Harrington at SF, where he’s best. How much better are the Warriors if Jackson and Ellis are coming off the bench?
This entire theory, of course, is contingent upon the Warriors landing one of the top two picks, or being able to trade up (which would likely require giving up Ellis or Richardson). But if somehow they wind up in position to take Oden or Durant, Biedrins makes me say Durant even though Oden is a once-in-a-lifetime center.

Marcus Thompson

  • zgreat

    I’m not so certain I agree with you. If Oden is a once in a lifetime center, I’d take Oden. Biedrens appears to have the athleticism to play a solid PF. Oden would give the Warriors more strength underneath the basket, which has a been a huge problem this season since Adonal just doesn’t have enough skill in other areas to justify more court time.