Ike Still Waiting For His Chance

I just talked with Ike Diogu in Sacramento. I didn’t have space or time to elaborate on it in Wednesday’s piece. Let’s just say he’s not a happy camper. He’s saying the right things about working hard and being patient. But he’s frustrated.
His minutes have declined since arriving in Indiana, so there’s no surprise his shots and scoring have dropped. He’s wondering, like I am, like many of you are, what’s all the talk about him being the prize of the trade for the Pacers? Apparently, Ike was the player that made the deal a go from the Pacers end, but he can’t get in the game.
It’s amazing to me how someone with his ability to score inside, and make free throws, how he can’t get in the game. How do teams expect him to grow if he doesn’t play? Andris’ emergence came with playing time.
“Time equals production,” Diogu said, popping his collar a bit. “All I know is statistics don’t lie.”
You know what’s interesting? What do the Warriors need right now? A rebounding power forward and someone who can score inside. Sounds like Ike.

Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    Sadly, as you know, for whatever reasons Nellie didn’t like Ike or at least what he brought to fit with Nellie’s style of play.

    I can only assume–and you would know a lot better–that in the heat of a playoff race a coach is not going to rely on unproven players. So talented players like Ike and Powell for us will not get nearly as much playing time as if the team isn’t in the top 8 spots.

    It’s a shame because Ike seemed to have a good skill set although he seemed more lumbering and sluggish for an uptempo style, a style not popular in Indiana. Sorry it isn’t working out for him but if he sealed the deal for us to get rid of the charmin soft headband twins, well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

  • EJ

    i don’t like diogu’s body language on the court. i don’t see the enthusiasm of a guy who WANTS to stay in the game. and when something goes wrong, he’s quick to get frustrated at a team mate.

  • ExiledinHollywood

    Hey Marcus, you thought you could get away from us, but you can’t. Love the blog. Am I crazy or was Steven Jackson the best player involved in that trade? I love Harrington, but S. Jackson seems to have that killer instinct that we haven’t seen in a Warrior in well, forever… hope he doesn’t have to ride the grey goose.

  • Gabe

    Hi Marcus,

    I enjoy reading your blog, our takes on the Warriors seem to usually coincide. During Diogu’s time with the Warriors, he became my favorite player. I was looking forward to seeing him and AB play together as i thought they would be a great fit. With the hiring of Don Nelson, who i also like, Ike’s impact was minimalized due to the style of play the Warriors would play. Part of me was happy, the other part sad to see him go. I thought he would fit in well with the Pacer’s, but looking at box scores, that is not happening. I still think he’ll be an 18, 9 player in the NBA in the mold of Antoine Carr. Good luck Ike!

  • ramg5

    Ike never impressed me. I know the guy is young but there was just some quality missing in him that I know will keep him from ever being an impact low-post player. Fire and desire? Explosiveness? Something…

    It wasn’t Nellie’s style that kept Ike from improving. I recall numerous times when he was given the ball in the post in a half court set, only to lumber mechanically and throw up shots that lacked both touch and accuracy. He had his chances – he didn’t take advantage.