Jax Da Man

The more I watch and talk to Stephen Jackson, the more I am impressed with him. He has his flaws, obviously, on and off the court. But that negative is taken care of by his affordable salary.
First off, this dude is genuinely a nice guy. He’s funny, open, honest, frank. You can just talk to him. He’s down to earth. That’s a big plus in my book. You can tell he’s been around so many blocks, been through so much stuff, that he values the simple things in life, such as a human to human conversation.
Secondly, he can play. I don’t like him as the team’s best player. But if he’s your third or fourth best player, he’s pretty darn good. He is tough. He can defend (not exactly Bruce Bowen, but cagey and physically impeding). He’s a load to guard, especially when he plays smart. Most importantly, he has a killer instinct.
Nellie thought Jax wouldn’t be able to play in the second half because he was in pain (knee, toe). He went out and shutdown Iverson in the second half (AI was 3-for-10 with 11 points in the second half) and scored 13 of his 18 after halftime.

Marcus Thompson

  • ExiledinHollywood

    Are you going to send me a dollar for stealing my observation from the comments section on your last post? I’d rather you send a money-order than a check.

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    I fully agree that Jackson makes a great #3 option, because of his versatility in terms of jumper, dribble, and post-up game. He’s not fantastic at any of them, but very good at all of them. Plus he can pass! He seems like a guy who really benefits from Nellieball. And defend with some attitude, which as you say, this group of nice-guys needs. The one legitimate knock on him is that he doesn’t rebound well, but other than that, a great, and cost-effective pickup to which even Billy Beane would have to give the thumbs-up.

    Frankly, I’ve liked Jax a lot better than Harrington thus far. On that subject, I noticed that you said the other day that Harrington should eventually move to the 3 since the Warriors still need a legitimate 4. But I thought the whole problem in Indy was that Harrington wasn’t comfortable at the 3 with O’Neal at the 4? Maybe he’s got Antwan Jamison disease? You know that condition where a guy whose game is pefect for the small forward only thrives when he’s playing the 4 (and getting abused by the Elton Brands and Zach Randolphs of the league)?

  • EJ

    imagine nellie-ball with arenas, hughes, richardson, and jamison!! it could’ve been. it could’ve been…..

  • zgreat

    At this point, I agree with the rest of you that Steven Jackson appears to be the most productive of the guys we received from Indy. The ability to play a solid Point Forward was a pleasant surprise. He also gives us the reliable defender that Pietrus doesn’t have the inclination to be. With a full squad, Jackson also means we see less of Pietrus (which is a good thing).

    One problem I have with Harrington is that he has this tendency to pull up for jumpers when no Warriors are near the basket. Also, his lack of rebounding skills means that he’s not a guy you want to rely on as your regular starter at the 4 (at least not if you have championship aspirations).

    Let’s face it, Rooney II looks horribly overmatched athletically whenever he’s in the game. His complete lack of athleticism even seems to affect his j, which was supposed to be one of his strengths.

    Powell is an asset at the end of the bench, provided his salary is reasonable.

  • Marcus Thompson

    All material contributed to Hoop Junkie is property of the Contra Costa Times and may not be republished or broadcast without the expressed written consent of the Media News Group. In other words, I can use what I want. You get no check! :o)
    Seriously, I always get ideas from you guys. It won’t be the last time a comment of yours becomes a blog topic of mine.

  • ramg5

    SJax, I absolutely love having the dude on our team. You guys said it – the guy can play ball. He does everything well.

    What I’m surprised most is with his defense. His length and his defensive smarts allows him to be our best defender. Pietrus should start taking notes.

    And the dude is FEARLESS…

    The only thing that frustrates me is when he tries to penetrate off the dribble – tends to get picked or stripped a bit too much.

    Other than that, he’s the best player to come out of the trade w/ Indy.