Will the Drought End?

Don’t front. Be honest. How many of you are buying the new hype? How many of you think they’re going to do it?
I’m trying to get a gauge of whether fans are optimistic, considering the recent turn of events, or still looking toward the lottery. What do you think?
Entering Friday, the Warriors are just 2½ games behind the Clippers for the last playoff spot, one week after Nellie threw in the towel. They are coming off a blowout win at Detroit (without Rasheed Wallace) and vs. Denver (without Carmelo). Add to that, they close out February with six of nine at home, where they are 21-20 (only Dallas and Phoenix have more home wins).
Tell the truth. Does that make the glass half full on the playoff perspective? Are you buying the new hype?

Marcus Thompson

  • G$$$$

    I’m buying it. None of those other “contenders” for the 7th and 8th spots are showing the sense of urgency like the W’s. Granted, we all know the W’s could disappoint tonight against the clips, but with 10 more games this month, the W’s could go 7-3 and be right back in it. (Glass half full).

  • EJ

    Hey Marcus. I’ve always thought that this squad would be dangerous when everyones healthy. But do they have enough games left to make a push? I think so. The race for the 8th spot is WIDE OPEN. Isn’t that where we all thought they’d be at the beginning of the year? And that was with a healthy squad. For them to still be in the hunt amidst all the injuries says a lot about this team and Nellie.

  • ramg5

    No doubt about it – 3 games out of the 7th spot? granted, there are what, 4 to 5 teams in the mix.

    It was amazing to me to see how many were writing the W’s off, fans and non-fans alike. Visit the message boards the last month or so and you’ll see the coach being ripped, Naron labeled a quitter, Harrington being compared to Dun, just all sorts of BS flying around.

    I was just astonished that these people couldn’t reserve judgment until Baron returns. HE MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD. Monta running the team???? Pleeeease…

    With that said, I see them making quite a run. If they can get past LA tonight, momentum will lead us to playoffs.

  • beau

    If you look at everyone’s schedule (NO, LAC, MIN, SAC, GSW) they’re all tough, all loaded with a sizable amount of road games, and all with tough games (HOU, SA, PHO etc). That means they all have a tough road ahead. So the warriors, AS LONG AS NO ONE SIGNIFICANT GETS HURT-BD, JR, SJ, AB, MONTA) have as good a shot as anyone, esp since they have their full complement for the 1st time, and seem hungrier than ever before. To me, NO poses the biggest threat. CP3 is a beast, West can shoot, Chandler is playing unbelieably well, they D-Up, and seem to be the only other team with mo right now (if the w’s winning two games in a row can be considered mo). the clips, kings, and t-wolves are still floundering, both on the court and off, and haven’t shown yet any ability to play consistent basketball. and some of the issues, esp with the clips and kings, seem chemistry oriented, which will be difficult to amend in 20 games.

  • manhattanproj

    i don’t buy it. they won the last two because of hot shooting. it’s hard to see them to continue to shoot like that. once the shooting dies down, it’s going to be the same warriors that keep bricking 3’s. i don’t think this team is any better than the team w’s had in gilbert 2nd year. that team at least had a go-to guy in gilbert, this team doesn’t. i imagine the same thing happening – stay in the race and can’t cut it when it counts.

    now i have a question: why is the lakers doing better than the w’s. talent-wise, lakers can’t compete with the w’s. does kobe and phil make such a huge difference?

  • zgreat

    If they can finally start winning some games on the road, they can make it.

    However, I suspect we’ll end up with the last lottery pick (which won’t help fill the gaping hole at PF anytime soon).

  • Bassman

    If the W’s play defense the way they did Friday and use the three pointers to complement their game after the court is stretched, a playoff spot is well within reach. Their athleticism and bench will give any team we play a challenge. Keep the players on the floor fresh and run the other teams the way we can and I look forward to the remainder of the season. Maybe even some games after the Warriors season usually ends.

  • Dareedle

    We should have an interesting May because it hard to see any team running away with the 7th or 8th spot. We need to make a determination which players fit with BD and Nellie and find out if we have any hope of developing a half court offense with our current roster. We will never win a playoff series or game without a decent half court offense.

  • SFBayWarrior

    Clearly, they need to keep Baron and Jax healthy. But this newfound depth really improves the team. J-Rich was in foul trouble all night against the Clips, and it didn’t really matter. They have, however, dug themselves a nice-sized hole, but thank Dallas, SA, PHX, Utah, and Houston for running up so many wins that all of the middling teams have sub-.500 records.

    One thing to consider just in case the W’s sneak into the 8th spot: Is Dallas thrilled to be playing a first round series against a suddenly frisky Warriors team that can exploit mismatches, has played well against Dallas in their past 4 or 5 games, and is led by their former coach?

  • manhattanproj

    all talk about playoffs should STOP. they can’t even beat the awful blazers! worst, they were blown out of the gym. very disappointing.

  • JustPuked

    I put a not refundable down payment on it, but I’m not expecting the deal to close.

  • daniel

    same old Warriors. Wait until the playoffs are pretty much out of the picture and then start winning to screw up the lotto pick b/c they’d hate to actually have an AllStar on the roster. Can’t even tank right. Baron and Jason should’ve both been benched for the year in the name of long term health. Instead its no playoffs and no high lotto pick. NBA purgatory, its faaaaaaaaaaaantastic.