Just Not Smart

They say the little things are what separate the good teams from the mediocre ones. The Warriors are showing tonight why they won’t be a good team. Their decision-making sometimes, often at the wrong times, is deplorable.
For instance, the Warriors eight-point lead is down to about three. They get a stop, and Richardson comes down and fires up a 22-footer with a hand in his face and 20 seconds on the shot clock. He got up in the moment and got carried away. Why? Why? Why? I can stomach it from Monta, but not the six-year vet and leader of the team.
A few plays later, with a skimpy lead, Baron fakes an around the back pass before lobbing a no-look pass — to Eric Dampier. Why are you trying that at this stage of the game? Baron should know better than get caught up trying to please the crowd.
The worst part, the reason the Warriors are seven games under .500, is that these little mistakes kill you. It only takes four or five a game to make the difference. How many times again do they make a careless pass? Take a by-all-accounts stupid shot? Cough the ball up by trying to do too much? Take a three when they’re bricking from the outside? Force a shot because they haven’t gotten a touch in a while? Try to make the extravagant play when the simple one would be more efficient? Lose sight of their man at the wrong time? Fail to block out? Commit a foul with two seconds on teh shot clock? Take a heat-check shot after making one basket?
These dudes have to play smarter, or they don’t have a chance. Look at Dallas. Nowitzki is the best shooter on the court. Hands down. He’s gone to the hole every time. All five of his shots have been off of penetration of posting, and he’s taken five free throws in the first quarter with three asssists. That’s smart basketball. We just don’t see that from the Warriors.

Marcus Thompson