What’s the Deal with MP2?

Is it me, or has Mickael Pietrus looked especially awful lately. I DVR’d the game last night and didn’t watch it until late. I was expecting to him to have a big game against the defensively challenged Blazers. Don’t ask my why. I just thought he was good for 15-20 points last night.
He was terrible.
Over the last four games, one of them he missed because of the stomach flu, he is averaging 5.0 points on 7-for-19 (36.8 percent) shooting and 4.3 rebounds. He’s made just one of his last six 3-point attempts.
Is this not the wrong time to retreat in a shell? I know his minutes are sketchy, but this is a contract year. Shouldn’t he be gettin’ his Chris Kaman on? He certainly is making the decision easy for the Warriors. Figuring either Pietrus, J-Rich and Stephen Jackson have to go, MP2 is looking like the no-brainer right now, especially with Kelenna Azubuike’s play.
Pietrus needs to snap out of it right away, so the Warriors can trade him for a second rounder or something.

Marcus Thompson