What’s the Deal with MP2?

Is it me, or has Mickael Pietrus looked especially awful lately. I DVR’d the game last night and didn’t watch it until late. I was expecting to him to have a big game against the defensively challenged Blazers. Don’t ask my why. I just thought he was good for 15-20 points last night.
He was terrible.
Over the last four games, one of them he missed because of the stomach flu, he is averaging 5.0 points on 7-for-19 (36.8 percent) shooting and 4.3 rebounds. He’s made just one of his last six 3-point attempts.
Is this not the wrong time to retreat in a shell? I know his minutes are sketchy, but this is a contract year. Shouldn’t he be gettin’ his Chris Kaman on? He certainly is making the decision easy for the Warriors. Figuring either Pietrus, J-Rich and Stephen Jackson have to go, MP2 is looking like the no-brainer right now, especially with Kelenna Azubuike’s play.
Pietrus needs to snap out of it right away, so the Warriors can trade him for a second rounder or something.

Marcus Thompson

  • Mark

    You’re right—it’s a mystery, he looks like absolute crap. Although I think that Baron’s passing was masking a lot of his deficiencies early in the year. His inability to creat off the dribble (or even dribble, for that matter), coupled with questionable B-ball smarts, will spell his doom.

  • zgreat

    It doesn’t surprise me that Pietrus has disappeared. He did the same thing last season as a starter. I can’t remember the source, but Nellie said that he thought the biggest reason for MP2’s declining play of late was the absence of Baron Davis. Of course that doesn’t explain the last two games.

    I don’t think it’s a big deal. I think Azubuike is both a better player and a better fit for the team anyway. While he doesn’t have MP2’s explosiveness, Azubuike’s is a smart player who doesn’t make many mistakes and he won’t hurt you if he doesn’t have his “A” game.