White Flag is Out

George Washington product Pops Mensah-bonsu (good catch, Daniel) is back in the game, alongside Jose Barea (remember him from the Warriors summer league team?) Greg Buckner and Austin Croshere, with Devin Harris on the court for appearances.
With the entire fourth quarter still to go, Avery Johnson appears to have called it a night. Smart move, too. The Warriors were up by 29, his Mavericks are probably tired, and he’s perhaps secretly happy the streak is over (they don’t have to talk about it anymore).
It’s a little unnerving that Nellie has Baron Davis, Andris Biedrins and Jason Richardson still in the game. It seems like Foyle, Azubuike and Sarunas — neither of which have played yet — should be in the game. Especially after Baron’s knee gave him problems last game. Sure, they have three days off, but three days and a quarter wouldn’t hurt.

Marcus Thompson

  • daniel

    Mensa-Bonsu went to George Washington, not Georgetown. On the radio they were saying Washington State. I wonder if the tv guys said he went to Washington & Lee

  • I think Pops Mensah-Bonsu can bring a lot of inside power to the NBA