Jump Shot Happy

I am currentlt witnessing the prime example why the Warriors are a bad road team, why they may not make the playoffs, and why they certainly won’t make any noise if they do make it.
They are addicted to jump shots.
Jason Richardson was 0-for-5. So you know what he does? Takes a pull-up 3-pointer off a curl. Sure, he made it. That’s part of the problem, every now and they (40 percent of the time), they make it, which gives them this false confidence.
They went on a run in the second quarter reclaim the lead, getting up by as much as 10. Baron was on the bench, and the Warriors charged ahead because they got hot from the perimeter.
But what happens when the jumpers aren’t falling. They’re so addicted to the quick fix, the easy way out. This business of chucking doesn’t work when the pressure’s on and the game’s on the line. It definitely doesn’t work as well in the playoffs.
The Warriors are a team of glory seekers. Starting with Baron, seconded by Jason Richardson, they are a collection of players who love to make the big play, hit the big shot. Save for Andris Biedrins, they have a roster full of style-over-substance players.
Where are the money shots and the go-to moves? Where are the high-percentage plays? The most reliable play, other than Baron making something happen, is Monta’s pull-up jumper.
Somehow or another, and it ain’t gonna happen this year, they need to get some kind of ol’ faithful, something high percentage they can always go to — which is where a low-post game usually comes in handy. Whether it’s a play or the reliable move of a few players, they need to develop something they can hang their hat on offensively. As long as its the 3-point shot, they won’t eveer be serious threats.

Marcus Thompson

  • zgreat

    I think you are right but…. however I also think settling for jumpers may also be a result of opposing defenses. I mean if I were coaching against them, I’d emphasize preventing them from cutting and driving because The Warriors don’t have any guys who can consistently beat you from outside. Also, even they do get ahead of you, you can usually get back in the game once the shots stop dropping due to their poor rebounding (especially when Biedrins is in foul trouble).

  • JLow

    I agree with you that they need to stop jacking up so many threes, share the ball more and go to the hoop. That may get them to the line more, where they’re actually shooting better from lately. The most important thing they need to do is keep up the defensive intensity and effort on the road. As they say, they control their own destiny.

  • dareedle

    The Warriors jack up a lot jump shots from any distance mostly because they have players who are not used to winning and believe in the addage there is no such thing a bad shot. Contending for the playoffs and getting a butt kicking in the first round, may ground our players into the reality what it takes to win NBA championships. It is hard to give up the glory of ESPN when your team has missed the playoffs 10 years running.

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    I fully agree with you on the jump shot addiction. That’s the main reason you get such a Jekyll and Hyde team — where they blow out Dallas and Detroit on the road, but look absolutely dismal against Cleveland minus LeBron and everyone else during the long losing streak. I thought Harrington was supposed to have some post-up skills, but he seems like more of an opportunistic player, a lot like J-Rich. Jackson is not bad at posting up, but giving him the ball is not like dumping it down to Shaq or anything.

  • commish

    Well, there is no arguing with what you say, but their recent offense has been feeding off a much more tenacious, intense defense with some amazing results (Dallas and Minn). They are a streaky shooting team and when the team leaders, especially Baron and J Rich (along with Jax and Harrington) start heaving up shots, the role players (Monta, Carroll, etc) fall right in line. I think a previous blog by you pondered a very good point–why not rely more on AB in the middle for more offense with his 60% average? He’s got great hands and very quick feet. Going to the middle more might take some of the pressure off the trigger fingers of the rest of the team.

  • Marcus Thompson

    See, this third quarter Saturday is the perfect example of what I’m talking about. The Sonics are on a run. Things are going poorly. They need buckets. What do they do? Shoot jumpers!