Monumental Win at Seattle

All special seasons have special moments. Defining moments. If the Warriors do make the playoffs, Saturday’s win at Seattle will be right up there (behind the home win over Dallas and maybe even ahead of the road win at Detroit).
Though it was against a bad team, record-wise, this was the type of win that changes the tenor of the season. If they lose this game, especially after blowing a 14-point win, then they’re the same ol’ Warriors.
Saturday, they had every reason to keep chucking 3-pointers and forget about defense — like they had done so many times this season, and last season, and the season before that. Instead, they remained focused on defense and worked for better, smarter shots.
This win makes them legitimate contenders, formidable contenders. Because this win shows they aren’t going to give it away any more. Even if they don’t make the playoffs, you get the feeling they are going to go down swinging.
That’s real hope, more than that season-ending run they went on after acquiring Baron.
With the way the rest of the Western Conference bottom feeders are sucking, it may just boil down to the team that wants it more. It may wind up being a test of will, not talent.
Saturday’s win showed the Warriors are going to fight. Against the best teams. On the road. From behind.

Marcus Thompson