Warriors’ Next Win?

Fitz and Brooks (Bob Fitzgerald and Rod Brooks) were speculating this after noon on their radio show about when the Warriors next win would come. They certainly have a murderous row of opponents lined up over the next five games:

Tuesday at Jazz
Friday vs. Wizards
Sunday at Lakers
Monday vs. Spurs
Thursday vs. Phoenix

With the old Warriors, this is an 0-5 stretch, at best 1-4. With the new Warriors, it’s hard to tell. Let’s handicap their chances in each game.

Tuesday: You can all but chalk this up as a loss. The Utah is not only a better team than the Warriors, but is great at home. Utah is 25-7 at home entering Tuesday. Only Dallas (31-4), Phoenix (26-7) and Cleveland (26-8) have a better home record. What’s more, Utah has lost four straight, so they’re hungry. They’re also playing for something. If they can snatch the No. 3 seed from San Antonio (three games back), they’ll face the reeling Lakers instead of Houston.

Friday: On paper, this is their best chance to win in the next five games. Washington is a poor road team (11-19) and they will likely be without Caron Butler, one of their Big Three. They play uptempo basketball, which feeds right into the Warriors style of play. On the otherhand, Gilbert might go for 75 just to remind the Warriors what they’re missing.

Sunday: Though the Lakers (22-11) are good at home and the Warriors are bad on the road (8-26), this is another one of their best chances to get a win. The Lakers are struggling, having lost seven of 10. Luke Walton and Lamar Odom are rusty, Kwame looks terrible and Bynum has slammed into the rookie wall. Remember, the Warriors nearly won in LA earlier until Baron got a cramp late. The Warriors have played the Lakers close at Staples the last couple of years, so they should be in it down the stretch.

Monday: The Spurs have lost two straight since their 13-game win streak, but are playing their best basketball of the season. They have new-found depth now that Manu is coming off the bench. Tony Parker is hurting a bit, which should be a field day for Baron and Monta, and Bruce Bowen can’t buy a 3-pointer. The Warriors play the Spurs tough at home, but San Antonio still has slim hopes of snatching the No. 2 seed from Phoenix (four games ahead). So the Spurs have something to play for.

Thursday: The Suns are vulnerable right now, and haven’t been the same since the knock-down-drag-out win over Dallas. Unfortunately for the Warriors, Phoenix only plays four games in 11 days before coming to Oracle on two days rest, so they may have their stuff together by then.

So, with all that said, I say the first win is against Washington. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think they go 3-2 over this five-game stretch (beating Washington, Lakers and San Antonio). What is your prediction?

Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    I agree with you that two wins would be “huge”. But for me it always depends which Warrior teams shows up. The latest version with hustle, intense defense, and a winning attitude is the one which could possible get three out of five. If it is the “other” Warrior team we’ll be lucky to get one win–Washington at home w/o Butler.

  • itsagreattimeout

    Against these teams I’d be satisfied with 2 wins.

  • Joseph Natividad

    I totally agree with you too. Somehow I feel like the Warriors can squeeze out a win against the Spurs. Remember that close game they had against each other earlier in the season?