Baron the Showman

I know I wrote today about how much fun Gilbert Arenas is to watch and to follow. But the Warriors have their own showman in Baron.
Those he’s much more business like and cordial when interacting with the public, Baron can certainly play to a crowd on the court. His showdown with Gilbert Arenas, who some Warriors fans still wish was the franchise point guard, was pure theatrics. He was talking trash, pulling out the tricks, celebrating overtly. He made sure the spotlight remained affixed on him, he’s so electrifying.
What was impressive about his play Friday was that he kept it under control at the right times late in the game. Baron likes to make the big play, and sometimes its to his detriment. He’ll go for the dagger three when driving to the basket is the smarter play. He’ll make a fancy pass when a simple one is all they need. He’llpound the ball so he can make the play instead of trusting his teammates.
But Friday was the Baron the Warriors love to see. He made the extra pass. He took the smart shot. He kept it simple.
That’s what the Warriors need from him. He is a captivating player on the court. But the Warriors also need a smart, cerebral leader, someone who can discern between when to take our breath away, and when to allow us to exhale.

Marcus Thompson

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  • Andrew

    I am really excited to see the warriors statring to gel. they have good momentum right now. Baron Davis is playing great..We need Jrich to start revving up and start laying down some bigger numbers. Marcus, Whats it going to take for the warriors to get into the playoffs?

  • tyler

    Adonal Foyle

    fortunately the W’s are down to the final two years, and you think they should be able to trade him if he is here in 2008/2009 as an expiring contract

    the big question is can they afford to keep him next year with his cap number or, should they do a buy-out

    the one creative solution i was thinking about is to redo his contract from two years and $18.5 million with a $1 million buyout to a 1 year deal for $14 million, which would give him an expiring contract for next year and be tradeable…my guess is the NBA collective bargaining agreement would not allow that, but it is a creative solution…would put the W’s over the cap for next year, but they could trade him by the All-Star break, which could offset this

    does this work marcus?