Impressive Comeback

This has been quite a turnaround. Don’t know what Don Nelson said, but their defense suddenly has life. Makes you wonder where the intensity was to start such an important game.
One thing that stands out is Monta Ellis’ quickness, especially on defense. The Warriors have to create turnovers to win. So they have to pressure the ball, and that blindside trap — when a the point guard creeps up from behind to double team — produces so many steals. Baron does it well because he has such quick hands. Ellis is so quick, he covers so much ground, he can be in the right spot in a flash. It works to perfection when they don’t foul.
It’s tough to ask Baron to keep up such pressure all game, and do what he does on offense. That means Monta really has to bring the energy on defense, which is becoming an increasingly difficult task considering his importance on offense.
Smush Parker and Sasha Vujacic are vulnerable, so if the Warriors can keep up the pressure in the second half, they can win this game, and perhaps save the season. If Parker and Sasha keep coughing the ball up, it will force Kobe to bring the rock up, which is not only tiring, but allows the Warriors to trap him early and make scoring tougher for him.
They have to keep the pressure up. Can they do it and have juice left in the fourth quarter, without the home crowd to energize them?

Marcus Thompson