This One Hurts

Not only are they 1 1/2 games behind the Clippers, who appear to be getting things together.
Not only did they drop to 4-10 in the Pacific (division record is the second tie-breaker, after head-up, and the Clippers are 4-7).
Not only do they have to complete the back-to-back by hosting San Antonio.
But this one hurts because it’s demoralizing. This is the Lakers. The hated Lakers. Beating the Warriors again.

Marcus Thompson

  • itsagreattimeout

    Yes, very frustrating. I really thought the Warriors had a chance with 0.6 left. I thought, they’ve been in this situation many times, they’ll make it. Sucks.
    Btw, we DO get 680AM in Fresno. That’s some range!

  • Anonymous

    It shouldn’t have even come to that if the W’s could grab a few rebounds.

  • commish

    Nellie (along with the team)lives and dies (along with the team) with “small ball”. That means getting killed on the boards at both ends of the floors. It hurts to see bigger guys just grab the rebound from over the heads of our smaller players. So until Nellie brings folks like Powell and even POB into the lineup, AB will be our only legit rebounder. Our other option is to trade for a bigger, quicker big man who can fit into Nellie’s system. Until then we are at the mercy of the bigger players on the floor.

  • I agree man. I’m SICK of losing to the Lakers.

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  • EJ

    Question for Marcus: If Al Horford enters the draft, what are your thoughts on the W’s picking him up? I see more potential in him than Diogu. He’s a player who isn’t stuck in a halfcourt mindset and can really run the floor. Not to mention a legit 6’10”.

  • Marcus Thompson

    I would love Horford. I’ve only seen a little bit of him, but what I’ve seen has been impressive. He’s athletic. He defends and rebounds, and he can score. He would be one of the ideal players in the draft for the Warriors, who desperately need a rebounding power forward.

  • Marcus Thompson

    The 3-pointer addiction really worries me. Didn’t we see this with Monty? Nelson talked all preseason about how they were going to cut back on the threes. I understand chucking if you’re making them. But to keep hoisting 3-pointers when they’re not dropping is just laziness. The 3-pointer is not a go-to shot. Neither is a turn-around fade-away from the baseline, Baron. It’s amazing that the Warriors’ most reliable way to get a basket in the halfcourt set is Ellis’ pull-up jumper.