J-Rich Trade Rumor

Since Richardson is in the rumor mill (the Chicago Tribune reported he’s telling his friends he expects to be traded, and he’s hoping to Detroit or Chicago), I’ve got a trade scenario that might help the Warriors.
I wouldn’t want to trade with either of those teams if I’m Mullin. What is Chicago willing to part with that the Warriors would want? If they weren’t giving up Luol Deng or Ben Gordon for Pau Gasol, I don’t think they would for Richardson.
Anyway, if they are going to ship J.R., they should do it to Orlando for Darko Milicic and Carlos Arroyo. Milicic is a restricted free agent coming up, so it would have to be a sign-and-trade.
Orlando gets a proven scorer as a two-guard, taking pressure off Dwight Howard. The Warriors get a rebounding power forward (well, not a dominant rebounder — he’s at 5.6 this season, not too impressive for a 7-footer) and a back-up point guard. I wouldn’t mind if Arroyo wasn’t in the deal, especially if the Warriors are committed to grooming Ellis into a point guard.
I know. I know. Doesn’t sound like an even trade. But I doubt if the Warriors can get full value, or at least what the Warriors community perceive as full value, for Richardson — especially coming off an injury plagued season in which he sets a career low in scoring. If they can convince the Magic to throw in their first-round pick, they’d be doing really well.

Marcus Thompson

  • KD

    I would not trade JR for Milicic and Arroyo! As least not before next season. It would hurt me too much to see JR go for that. I like Milicic and his game, especially his shot blocking, but i did not realize his rebounding total was that low! I would love Milicic on this team, but I would only do this deal if they threw in a 1st rounder. The main reason is that you know JR is going to come back hungry next year. Especially if we trade him, he’s going come back on a mission and work harder than ever before. If that happens, do you really want to see JRich in a Magics uniform tearing up the east with Howard?

  • EJ

    it’s a long shot, but what about getting Rip?

  • Marcus Thompson

    You’re right. It’s a long shot. WOuldn’t he be perfect for Nellie’s system? He runs well and shoots well.

  • EJ

    is there any chance including MP2 in a sign and trade with jrich? the guy is killing us! pick a pivot foot, please!

  • gswbandwagon

    I don’t think you can package a guy in a sign and trade with other players. Not sure why someone would want to trade for a pair of 2 guards anyway?

    It would be classic Warriors to overpay a guy and then wait until his trade value hits its nadir to move him.

  • manhattanproj

    if battier is worth the #8th pick, i’m sure richardson can have a higher return. j-rich for milicic and arroyo is not even a deal. why would the w’s want to do that? neither of them will improve the w’s. i’m thinking about a trade with the knicks for jamal crawford and david lee. the numbers work out. w’s get a creator and a rebounder. crawford should thrive in nelson’s system. he can create and a pretty good playmaker. better yet, j-rich and foyle for malik rose, crawford and lee. if anyone is going for j-rich, it has to the knicks. they don’t have a SG.

    think about ellis, davis, and crawford – that’s a pretty deadly trio for any opposing teams to guard.

  • Bill

    I love Jrich, but to be cold blooded, i would trade do that trade for Darko Straight up. Darko has obvious talent, he is huge and he has a shooting touch. He is somewhat immature in his attitude so that would be of concern. But a Frontline of Darko,Biedrins,Harrington would be very interesting with Baron/Jackson/Monta Backcourt. I think MP can still be a player, but he has to come cheap.