L.A. Hangover

The Warriors clearly haven’t recovered from Sunday’s heart-breaker in Los Angeles. They are playing with no life, no desperation. They still can’t buy a 3-pointer (currently 2-for-13) and they are allowing the Spurs to shoot 62 percent.
They aren’t sharing the ball (nine assists through the first 31 minutes). If not for Monta’s 7-for-11 shooting, they’d be in the 30s for field goal percentage. Say they beat the Lakers on Sunday, this would be a different game.
Instead, they’re down by 27 with four minutes left in the third.
It looks as if they hotness has warn off, or playing against better teams’ best is showing them how far from good they really are. They’re going to be two games back with 10 left. Safe to say it’s over?

Marcus Thompson