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“So the question everyone is asking, when we are just getting pounded on the boards, is why isn’t Powell playing more? The kid’s got some game and brings energy and enthusiasm. Hasn’t Nellie seen enough of the opposition’s taller players picking off rebounds over our 6’6” small ball team?” – Commish, Danville

The fact is, especially at this point in the season, you have to go with your best players, and Josh Powell isn’t one of them. You have to run with your best seven or eight guys and live with their shortcomings as well as feed off of their strengths.
Who do you sit on the bench in favor of Powell? Harrington? Jackson?
Nelson can put in Powell to help with rebounding, but he loses out in other areas. Then the question would be, “Why is Powell in the game and we can’t score? Al Harrington is shooting 45 percent from 3-point range. Why won’t Nellie put him in so we can score more?”
You have to run with your horses. Nellie knows the Warriors have rebounding issues. But all you can hope for is that your strengths outshines the other team’s, and that you can exploit their weaknesses better than they can exploit yours. The Warriors have been getting killed on the boards since the trade. But they offset their weaknesses with the 3-point shot and by creating turnovers. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Phoenix doesn’t play great defense, but they score like crazy to offset their defense. D’Antoni’s not going to play Jalen Rose because they need better rebounding and Rose is a better rebounder than Nash or Raja Bell. You run with your horses and try as best you can to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

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Marcus Thompson

  • EJ

    i’ve got a good feeling about tonight’s game. jrich is due. look out! he could drop 30 right on raja’s head!

  • beau

    your point is valid, you go with what are your best options. however, specific situations can dictate certain deviations. at the end of the lakers game, with 10-11 secs left, one timeout remaining and kobe shooting ft’s, he certainly could have inserted biendrins and powell. once the rebound was secured, they call timeout, and have a chance to set up a game-tying shot with ample time left on the clock. it would be a little harder for odom to reach over either of them and tip the ball back to himself, as he did when jr was attempting to block him out.

  • Marcus Thompson

    I thought about that, putting in your rebounders and calling a timeout. But Nellie never calls timeout. They’ve won a couple games this year (Monta’s game-winner vs. Nets, Baron’s game-winner at Seattle) by not calling timeouts and just running. That’s his philosophy.

  • 13 and counting

    Blog Question. Who will turn to be the better player Gilbert Arenas or Monta Ellis?