It seems every time the Warriors play Phoenix in Oakland, someone gets dunked on.
Last time, Monta Ellis posterized Leandro Barbosa. Thursday, Andris threw one down on Amare Stoudemire — after jumping over Steve Nash. It was the signature moment in an otherwise quiet night for Biedrins, who followed the dunk with a demoralizing block of Boris Diaw’s putback.
The best part was that Andris had the ball out beyond the 3-point line and took it off the dribble to the rack once he saw an opening. Just another sign that his awareness amd skill level is steadily improving. And who deserves a Top 10 more the Andris, the Warriors’ dirty work champion?

Marcus Thompson

  • itsagreattimeout

    That dunk was one of the best ones I’ve seen all year!
    I told you we could win this one! Now we’re in business! A 1 game lead is precarious even with 2 games left, much more so with 10.

  • yougot2bekidding

    Wow. I remember you ripping on Andris at the start of the season and claiming him as a bust. Now you’re jumping on his bandwagon.

  • itsagreattimeout

    Me?? I think you got the wrong guy. I’ve always been keen on Biedrins. In fact, I’ve thought he has potential since his rookie year. He’s always impressed me.

  • EJ

    did you see him throw up a pump fake from behind the arc before the dunk? i actually thought he was gonna shoot it! haha.