EJ Called It!

He said J-Rich was due, and he went out and dropped 19 in the first quarter. It was an easy 19 too. He was 5-for-6 from the 3-point line — which tied a record set by Joe Hassett in 1981 — a couple of turnarounds of the post, nothing special. Raja Bell couldn’t do nothing with him.
In the second quarter, he even created off the dribble, spinning through a double team to drop in five-footer.
That’s a good sign, especially if the Warriors make the playoffs. Nellie and the new players needed to know, the rest of teh league needed to be reminded, that Jason can go off for 35 or 40 points.
Now, he may only end up with 30, but threat is there. Phoenix has to guard him. At one point, they’ve already had Shawn Marion and Boris Diaw take a turn guarding him, which opens things up for everyone else.

Marcus Thompson

  • Andrew

    J rich needed this. The Warriors needed it. The fans needed it. I hope Jrich keep up the momentum for a few games(6) Put the rally hats on,cause were going to make it!

  • EJ

    hey marcus. that was an incredible game! i don’t look at the 4th quarter as them blowing a 25-point lead. it was more of holding off the suns from what they’re known league wide to do; running it right back down your throat and come out with the ‘w’. the dubs showed a whole lot of character in the 4th. they played to win the game rather than the norm of playing not to lose.

    home court wise, it’s going to be tough for any road team to play in oakland in the playoffs. ever notice how our crowd seems to bring out so much emotion from the opposing side? amazing. we’ll be tied for the 8 spot and gunning for the 7th by this weekend after we beat the grizz, the clips lose to sac, and denver goes down to the suns. the nuggets are playing some real bad basketball of late.