Where’s the Foul II?

That foul call on Andris Biedrins, defending Amare Stoudemire’s jumper, was unbelievable, and the perfect example of what I was talking about earlier.
Biedrins not only didn’t foul him, he didn’t touch him. It was a phantom foul. Have you ever seen that happen, so blatantly, in the Warriors favor?

Marcus Thompson

  • sean

    RE: the nasty nast nasty dunk!

    you been saying how Biedrins surprises you. that surprised me. on amare, too! two dribbles and BANG!

    if that dunk could talk what was it saying?

  • commish

    To answer your question, No, I’ve never seen those kind of calls in favor of the Warriors and I’ve been a season ticket holder for a number of years.