Tie Doesn’t Necessarily Go to Clippers

The first tie breaker after head-up is Division record. Since the Warriors are 2-2 against the Clippers, Pacific Division record would determine who goes to the playoffs if the Warriors and Clippers end up tied.
Because of that fact, and the Warriors ‘ 5-10 record against the Division, many, including myself, have all but given that tie-breaker to the Clippers. But it is still feasible the Warriors to manage a tie in that category as well. If they do, the next tie-breaker is Conference record. The Warriors currently have a better record. Both teams have only Western Conference opponents remaining, so if they finished with the same record, the Warriors would automatically have a better Conference record and would win that tie break.
What has to happen?
The Warriors would have to win their remaining Pacific Division game (at Sacramento on April 13).
And the Clippers, currently 5-7, would have to lose three of their last four division games. They play the Lakers twice (April 4th and 12th), host Sacramento (15th) and travel to Phoenix (17th).
Losing three of those games is more than possible. Losing all four, is not out of the question.
So, to recap, if the Clippers go 4-5 the rest of the way (with three of those losses coming in the Division) and the Warriors go 6-3 the rest of the way (with one of the wins coming at Sacramento), then the Warriors would win the third tie breaker and claim the eighth seed.
That’s reasonable, right?

Marcus Thompson