Mullin Was Hosed

I have been thinking about this, trying to grasp onto logic instead of my childhood fanaticism. The more I think about it, the more I am convinved. For starters, I think every single pro member of the Dream Team (yes, I’m excluding Christian Laettner) should get an automatic induction. The fact that they were selected to the Dream Team, the significance of which increases by the season, lets you know their stature in the league.
And, quite frankly, Mullin might be the best shooter in NBA history. He shot 51 percent for his career, unbelievable for a predominantly outside shooter.
Add on top of that his stelllar collegiate and high school credentials, and the question begs: how does he not get in?
Sure, there is an argument that Mullin isn’t a first-ballot Hall of Famer. First-ballot selection is normally reserved for the elite of the elite. While Mullin was elite, does he belong with Jordan, Magic, Bird and the like?
I say yes. I say yes because of his total credentials. I say yes because he was the one of the best at the most fundamental acts of the sport. I say yes because Van Chancellor got in over Mullin.

Marcus Thompson