Farmar’s Double Duty

Twice now, Los Angeles Lakers rookie point guard Jordan Farmar has pulled off the unprecedented feat of playing in a NBA Development League game and an NBA game in the same day.
My reaction: SO WHAT!
Who cares that he played in two games in one day? Is the NBA, are the Lakers, that desperate for headlines that they have to fabricate a first to get some publicity? What’s the purpose of him doing both, other than to become a trivia answer for the socially challenged?
There’s a playoff chase going on. An MVP race going on. This is the most intense part of the NBA season. On the scale of NBA importance, this ranks below Clyde Drexler’s performance in dancing with the stars.

Marcus Thompson

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    I totally agree. As a Warriors fan stuck in L.A., I am so sick of the fawning adoration heaped on the mediocre Lakers, who have one great player, a great coach, and a bunch of so-so role players. Since they’re playing the Clips 2x right at the end, I’m going to have to hold my nose and root for them on behalf of the Ws, but man, I’m going to enjoy seeing them get bounced in the first round.

  • EJ

    more hair gel: biedrins or farmar?

  • THe Wood

    Yo Marcus, can I get you another glass of haterade?

  • Andrew

    What a waste of time..How about them Warriors tonight against Houston? Now thats a story