Blog Question

“Who will turn to be the better player Gilbert Arenas or Monta Ellis?”
– 13 and counting

I say Arenas. His size and strength will make the difference. He also has more range on his shot. If Ellis can stay healthy, it will be pretty close. But because he’s so light, and he can’t afford to add to much weight because it would take away his quickness, I worry about his propensity for injury. Arenas is physically a better athlete.

Marcus Thompson

  • Joe

    This kid is pretty amazing. He has more upside at such a young age than anyone out there right now. He’s quick, can fly, can defend, starting to handle the ball better, but most of all developing a killer instinct.

  • manhattanproj

    it’s interesting b/c monta and gil are the same height. but if you think about iverson, he’s a bit slight too and he’s been pretty durable. if monta can develop a similar body to iverson, monta should be fine.