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“It looks like Darko Milicic could be available this summer. Do you think he could be a good fit with the Warriors?” – John Doe

I think he will be a good fit. He can handle the ball. He can run the floor. He’s got a nice midrange jumper. I would prefer he was a better rebounder, but he’s got the skills Nellie needs to work with. I think next to Biedrins, his weaknesses will be masked, and he would easily be the best post-up player.
The Warriors might can sign him with their mid-level exception. I don’t think he’s worth giving up Richardson over (a trade I proposed earlier), but I’d give up Pietrus for him. He might be fairly cheap. He hasn’t been killing in Orlando, so he can’t command too much money. Plus, he’s unhappy, so he would welcome change. Check out this quote in Florida Today newspaper:

“Coming from Detroit where I didn’t get to play, I’ve at least gotten to play some here. But if I stay here I’d like to think they could use me more and I can give the team more than I have this season.”

I do have major concerns about his attitude. His work ethic doesn’t seem to match his mouth. If he costs too much, I wouldn’t give pay the price for him.

Marcus Thompson

  • Joe

    The Warriors just need a 6’10 or 6’11 defensive rebounding fool who can run at the 4 spot give them 8 points plus 11 to 13 rebounds. As much as everyone would love to get KG, he would cause the W’s an arm and a leg. How about the kid from Boston Al Jefferson?