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“Can’t the Ws afford to keep J-Rich? Extremely talented, heart and soul of team. And his value can’t be anywhere as high as last year? Why not pay off Foyle and keep below lux tax.” — sincewilt

It’s not a matter of affording to keep J-Rich. He’s already under contract. The question is, how can they get that one piece they need to become even better. They don’t have cap money to sign a free agent, unless the player they desire fits under their mid-level exception (just above $5 million this year) so it has to come via a trade. Richardson just happens to be the one guy who other teams might want that the Warriors can afford or are willing to give up.
If the Warriors decide to just go with this roster as is, they can keep J.R. They might lose Pietrus, but they’ll be good for next year at least. But can this team really get it done? Sure, they’ll make the playoffs, but how far will they go if they can’t rebound?
Buying out Foyle won’t be the immediate help they need because what ever they pay him will count towards the cap. Plus, Foyle has to agree to a buyout. Why would he give the Warriors money with little options to sigb elsewhere? Even Webber, who had plenty options, only took like $2 million less than what he was owed. Players just don’t walk away from millions unless there’s more around the corner.

Marcus Thompson

  • James

    pffft… let Pietrus walk away or trade him

    I love the guy’s personality, it’s just he has a rock for a brain. And with guys like Barnes, Azubuike, and the action Jackson, theres no point in keeping him.

  • Andrew

    agreed..Barnes is better

  • manhattanproj

    if jrich is traded, who’s going to replace him? jackson? no no.

    here’s a blog question:
    can the warriors live with stephen jackson for the whole season? he’s been producing on the court but even with the little time he’s had with the warriors, he’s been a big distraction. how many outbursts has he had and cost the team a win? that’s even after he has been trying to keep himself under control for the playoff push. i’m not even talking about the off-court issues. i just can’t imagine him playing 82 games without being a distraction. his value right now is as high as ever, w’s should look to trade him in the offseason. gerald wallace can be a good fit for the w’s. he’s a free agent, i think. he’s a slasher, a pretty good defender, and he doesn’t shoot 3s, which is good. jackson and the rights to this year draft pick for wallace and their draft pick (noah or brandan wright?). will charlotte go for it?