Huge Win at Memphis

It was even bigger than the lightweight shocker at Houston. Because the Warriors have been known to play up to better competition only to negate their success by losing to a scrub squad. Memphis was the perfect situation for a let down.
But thanks to a big fourth quarter by Baron Davis, the Warriors can go into San Antonio with no pressure. They don’t have to win Saturday night, though it would be nice. The fact that it isn’t a must win, thanks to the win at Houston and Memphis, the Warriors can play let their hair down and play that loose basketball, which is when they’re at their best.
If the Warriors have any chance of winning at the Spurs, which would be a serious boost to their playoff hopes, they had to handle business in Houston and Memphis. Believe it or not, the Warriors are 4-2 on the road with everybody healthy. In the two losses, at Utah and the Lakers, they outplayed their opponents for three quarters and had a chance to win in the fourth.
The Warriors are definitely handling their business down the stretch. Now all they need is a little love from a few other

Marcus Thompson