Isn’t This Fun?

I was at a youth retreat with the congregation I attend all weekend. It’s an annual event every year on Easter weekend. Being a youth counselor, I am consumed with teaching and hawking a group of high school boys all weekend, tucked away in the Santa Cruz mountains with no television in never more than two bars on my cell.
Last year during this retreat. I remember coming back on Monday thinking, “I wonder how the Warriors did against the Pistons?” I had went the entire weekend without thinking about Warriors basketball (they were already out of it by Easter), easily.
This year, I was walking through woods, trying to find a signal so I can get online on my phone and get an update on the Warriors games against San Antonio. I broke away from the group and went into this lounge where they had wi-fi, and I followed the last quarter of the Memphis game on game tracker.
What’s more, there were several other Warrior fans there who were eagerly awaiting my updates. There were points we would’ve given our right arm for a glance at sports ticker.
I don’t even remember the last time the games were so meaningful this late in the season. Even in 1994, the Warriors were a done deal to make the playoffs at this point. The only question was seeding.
But this, this is intense. Teetering on the edge of elimination but one step from history. Being stuck between the ultimate disappointment and a rare sports high.
I have my doubts about the Warriors making the playoffs. I can see them playing down to the sorry Kings and losing at Sacramento. I can see the Clippers running off six straight to make the Warriors’ results meaning less. Still, this is so fun. The uncertainty. The potential. Even if they don’t make it. I’m having a ball following this drama. It sure beats the alternative to which we’ve grown accustomed.

Marcus Thompson