TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!

I seriously don’t want to talk about the Don Imus situation. In my opinion, giving him air time and print time is exactly what he wanted. He’s a shock jock. His job is to make waves, obviously at all costs. I really don’t want to participate in this game of ratings Red Bull. But I can’t help but drop a line about MSNBC’s “punishment.”
TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!
For saying what he said on a nationally syndicated show?
For humiliating innocent women for absolutely no reason?
For steering the country’s attention from important matters — such as the second Vietnam and the preface to one of the most important presidential elections ever?
Let me get this straight. You spew insensitive remarks about helpless kids, women, and for that you get vacation time? Somewhere, Michael Richards is having a cow. He’s being blackballed from the business for his racist remarks. Imus goes racist and chauvinistic in one sitting and he gets a trip to Cancun.

Marcus Thompson

  • Sam

    The election isn’t for 19 months my friend. This story will be forgotten like the runners-up for the NCAA championship. Who were they again?
    Ohhhh….so thats what you mean by humiliating the Rutgers team.

  • Marcus Thompson

    That’s why I said the “preface” to the election. The election process begins in earnest in less than a year. Voting is 19 months away.
    And that the story will be forgotten is perhaps the problem.

  • C Mac

    Uuuuh….I thought you didn’t want to talk about it.

  • Marcus Thompson

    You’re right. You’re right. It’s just so … enticing. I should have said I want to talk about it, but I’ve decided to boycott the conversation. I’m done. Seriously.

  • Jenny

    Go Marcus! Like always, you just say what I think! =)

  • commish

    I was shocked that the front running demo candidates didn’t immediately call for Imus’ firing from both radio and tv. Only after he lost his tv job and major sponsors of CBS radio were pulling out did any of the frontrunners call for his firing. If it hadn’t been for Rev Sharpton’s vigilant efforts, Imus still might have gotten a “pass”. But it wasn’t only the outrageous things he recently said, it was his “body of work” that reeked of hatred and arrogence. I’m so glad he got what was coming although I can forgive him for being ignorant, sexist and racist if he learned from his foolishness.

    In reality, if he hadn’t had so much political clout and protection, he would have been fired immediately. Many other public figures have been fired for saying things much less racist and sexist.

    I’m glad you blogged this issue. Thank you.